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7kW ZAPPI  EV charger installed from £895
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EV Chargers

We offer a range of charging systems for all types of electric vehicles. These systems can be stand alone or integrated with Solar PV, battery storage and SMART grid.

Changes in building regulations require EV charging to be installed on new build housing developments in preparation for the EV revolution.

We offer a full design and installa
tion service for retro fit and new build applications.

Contact our technical department to discuss your requirements.
ZAPPI Tethered EVC
Zappi EV 7kW 22kW.png
  • 7kW 230v and 22kW 400v
  • OLEV Approved
  • Type 2 Tethered 
  • Optimises renewable energy 
  • Economy tariff input
  • 3 year warranty
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