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Solar PV & Battery Storage Somerset

Solar PV & Battery Storage

The benefits of Solar PV


The energy from the sun is entirely free and abundant in supply! Anyone using a Solar PV system can access this power source, and with today’s advances in technology, this really makes it a sensible alternative to increasing energy bills.


Homes & businesses are saving money right now with this proven, yet simple, technology. You can join thousands of people who are saving energy today. Rest assured that we will always offer the best advice, backed by our quality installation guarantee.

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Reduce your carbon emissions!

Reduce your fuel costs & secure against inflation!

Intelligent integration for SMART homes & vehicles

Store surplus energy via batteries and thermal stores

Average return on investment; 3-5 years

Our expertise


As one of the most established MCS approved Solar PV providers in the UK we have a proven track record with over 3000 installations in the past 10 years. Specialists of in-roof systems for housing developments and large scale commercial applications.

Solar Electric Vehicle Supplier Somerset

How does Solar PV work


PV systems use cells to convert sunlight into energy.  The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon.  When light shines directly on to the cells, it creates an electric field across the two layers and creates electricity to flow.


The greater the intensity of light, the greater the electricity that is generated. The solar panels gather the electricity, this is then converted to AC electricity via the inverter.


Once this has been converted, you are ready to use the electricity or export it back to the grid.


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